Kommentarer fra abonnenterne

Kommentarer fra abonnenterne

Siden jeg i oktober 2011 oprettede YouTube kanalen boxertouring.dk, har jeg løbende lagt nye film ud til mit voksende publikum. Filmene kan ses direkte på kanalen og også på Facebook, hvor jeg løbende publicerer mine produktioner.

Kommentarerne, positive og ikke mindst kritiske, er med til at udvikle mig som fotograf og editor. Det er et vigtigt redskab og et kærkomment input for mig!

Herunder kan du læse nogle af disse:

Jürgen Kröner:

I like because we have a really good mix... between Action Cam and normal Cam... and you have german Friends... from the north..

I have had the same Motobike like you in the Coloure blue metallic it was a very dynamic Bike in this time but it was more than 25 Years ago now i'm Driving the 1200 gs.  Greetings

Good  VIDEO I like it...!!!! Greetings from Germany near Heidelberg  Motorradprofis48

Alfredo Isaac:

Me and my brother had each a r100rt back in the 80´s. We were long distance travelers, like 5, 10 or even 15 thousand kilometers per trip. there were days of  1000 kms a day. the machines were great, as well as the 1955-69 period. We still go places but me at 72 and my brother at 60 don´t go that far nowadays.

I watched 5 or 6 videos from your club  before but this is the first one I went thru all of it. the reason is I could listen to the engine sound and the others  had music. Greetings from Yucatán, the land of the Mayas.

Fred Bloggs:

Love your videos. After 35 year I'm back riding a R80. This time an RT. Massive trip down memory lane.

Loving every minute of it. Keep up the filming .

Karim K.:

You've got quite a collection of fine videos 🎥👍🏻 Also your website is interesting to me to see pictures

from your travels at a time i have just been born 👶🏼😄 Keep the good thing going! ✌🏻️

James Dunn:

I enjoy viewing the variety of old airheads here. Thanks for filming the great number of old boxers at length. The camera lingers lovingly on the motorcycles. Nice.

Your videos always have great music!

Well done! Very nice music and wonderful motorcycles.  I find myself inspired to go ride. I believe this is my favorite video of yours. The music stops when you're camped by the water. I like the sound of the waves. But, the chosen music is very good.

William Kiely:

Nice work on the Video.Keep up the good work.

Thinking of buying an Air Head.1985.r45 rt.


Another great episode!!!  What's the music in this Vid please?   :-)

EDIT - oops! Should have waited till the end.. Cabau Philippe = good stuff!  :-)

John Dickinson:

Hahahaha, for a moment there I thought you were doing a Le Mans start? 

Top video as usual, thanks for posting.

Luc Huit S:

Great video. Thanks for sharing it on YT!!

Great editing! Combination of new film with the old pictures. Well done!

Babis Lalenis:

I am convinced we live in the best continent in the world... best in terms of historical, cultural, environmental, gastronomical, linguistic richness. Europe offers endless possibilities and places to visit.

I just hope to have enough time and will to keep on riding for many years along different beautiful places,

your video is really inspirational, well done!


Sound of the motorcycle engines are far better than the music soundtrack, good video.



Awesome vid again!

How beautiful your vids are with all that gorgeous scenery.

And so artistic.

What that a bike group you ride with a lot?

Martin Vazquez:

Outstanding video - thank you - what a beautiful country! Nice editing and music as well.

Jeff Chambers:

Looking forward to to the full film, I have enjoyed watching all your films, they inspire me to get my old boxer out of the garage! Thanks